Yoga for Strengthening the Core by Janey Bowyer

Brought to us by the Word Sprite Janey Bowyer Try adding these yoga poses to your daily practice to get those abs in ship shape for summer.

As with all exercise, please check with your doctor for suitability and exercise at your own risk.


Plank pose

Plank pose is often done as part of the yoga Sun Salutation sequence.  However, are we underestimating what this wonderful pose can do outside salutations?  By practising it regularly, we can strengthen the whole body and also tap into our inner power.


Just a few of the benefits:

Tones the tummy

Strengthens the wrists and limbs

Improves posture

Builds determination



Bring hands and knees to the ground.  Keep the neck long as you straighten your legs away from you.  You should look like the picture,  basically like a plank of wood hence the name.  Make sure you remember to breathe.  Don’t collapse the chest and don’t let the belly hang down.  Shoulders away from ears.  Weight should be even on both sides of the body.  Hold for five breaths, bring the knees back to the ground and repeat twice more.


Bow pose

Bow pose is a great antidote for a sluggish belly caused by sitting down all day



Massages reproductive organs

Aids weight loss

Stretches the spine

Opens up the energy of the heart

Great for posture and digestion



Lie on your front and bend your legs up behind. Lift the chest and try and hold onto either the ankles or the feet.  To start with you will probably only be able to grab the outer ankle, but with time, you should be able to get the inner ankle.Lift the legs and chest up.Try to resist sticking the chin up too much. Take five breaths and slowly release. Repeat.


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Janey Bowyer is a qualified yoga teacher, author and founder of the self-help and yoga blog called The Word Sprite