Interview with Ruth Field “The Grit Doctor”

Ruth Field is a woman on a mission because she’s determined to sort your life out! Her no nonsense approach to life has resulted in the hugely popular books Run Fat B*tch Run, Get Your Sh!t Together and Cut the Cr*p which aim to help you get active, simplify your life and shape up your eating habits. Her alter ego the ‘Grit Doctor’ gives straight forward, practical and always witty advice. We find out about Ruth Field’s active life in our latest interview.


ZAKTI: Your first book was called Run Fat B***h Run, what inspired you to start running and writing about it?
Ruth Field aka The Grit Doctor: I’d been running for ten years but was advised not to when I fell pregnant with twins. Not being able to run made me feel frustrated and that plus the hormones of a twin pregnancy got me all fired up about running and getting everybody to do it.

ZAKTI: How did you come up with your alter ago The Grit Doctor?
Ruth Field: I always wanted to be a doctor and started Edinburgh University training to be a medic. But I gave it up after two years. A self styled Grit Doctor was as close as I was ever going to get to being the real thing!

ZAKTI: Is running the main way you like to keep active or do you like to mix it up?
Ruth Field: Running is the only proper exercise I do. But I’m super active with the kids and walk everywhere (partly because I am the worst driver EVER). Very occasionally I swim, ride a bike, use a cross trainer and do some stomach crunches but haven’t in a while. Running is enough for me…

ZAKTI: What do you like to wear when you’re working out?
Ruth Field: Zakti stuff has become my new fave running outfit (see photos attached, fresh from their virgin run).

ZAKTI: In real life, you’re also a lawyer so what’s a typical work-day like for you?
Ruth Field:  I don’t practise as a lawyer at the moment. I work as a writer, I’m doing a copywriting job for a law firm actually, and I’m studying for a Masters in creative writing. I’d like to write stories about my time as a lawyer. Much more fun than being one!

ZAKTI: Your second book Get Your Sh!t Together is a perscription for a simpler life, what is the one key takeaway from this book that you use every day?
Ruth Field: Give up those excuses (which we also call ‘reasons’) and Just. Do. It. NOW.

ZAKTI: What’s your weekend style?
Ruth Field: I go for a run most Saturday mornings, then it’s jeans and trainers mainly, but I do love to glam up for a party. I’m on my way to a wedding right now in Kurt Geiger electric yellow strappy heels, bright green silk slip by Hoss with a black jacket by Sass and Bide.

ZAKTI: What are your three tips to keeping fit and healthy?
Ruth Field: Avoid processed foods. Eat only at meal times. Exercise regularly

ZAKTI: Your third book Cut The Crap looks at diet and all the conflicting messages we get on what to eat, what have you found works for you?
Ruth Field:  The three points above!

ZAKTI: What advice do you have for someone who is finding it hard to get motivated to stay active?
Ruth Field: A walk is a great start and everyone can summon up the energy for that. Start with something manageable – like walking – and then build on that…

ZAKTI: What’s next for The Grit Doctor?
Ruth Field: Oooh, a new book I hope so watch this space!

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