Zakti Chats to Rosie Underwood, Fashion and Beauty Director of OK Magazine

Rosie Underwood has the job of our dreams, she spends her days as Fashion & Beauty Director at OK magazine and her spare time practicing yoga, exploring and travelling the world. Whether she’s embracing life on a surf board or facing a jam packed diary of shoots, interviews and writing, Rosie still manages to stay balanced. We catch up with this naturally stylish adventurer and find out how she does it.

ZAKTI: Tell us about your role at OK magazine as Fashion & Beauty Director?

Rosie Underwood: I manage a ten-page section dedicated to fashion, beauty and health that’s featured every week. It’s not easy but I love it! I produce and style a fashion story on location every week, we shoot still life beauty and review the latest products and treatments on the market. It’s my job to make sure only the best of the best gets coverage so I’m constantly at launches learning new innovations, meeting and interviewing ambassadors and making sure I’m clued up on everything new.

ZAKTI: What’s a typical workday like for you?
Rosie Underwood: If I’m not on location for shoots I start my day with a Yoga class at Frame to get my head focused and my body awake at around 6:45am. Then I’ll have a breakfast meeting with a PR at about 9am to keep me up to speed on new launches. I then head to the office and draw up mood boards for my next fashion shoot, cast models and find locations. I’ll write one of my features around lunch time and I try and head to a launch in the late afternoon or interview an ambassador.

 ZAKTI: What are your style-hacks to take you through all the activities in your day?

Rosie Underwood: I think it’s important that women find what I call their ‘uniform’ and stick to it. By all means inject a new trend into your day wear but don’t go too over board with it and stick to what flatters your shape and not someone else’s. The industry has a way of making you buy into looks that work for others and perhaps not you, don’t fall for it! I run around a lot with work to various meetings and when I’m on set I have to be comfortable. I love skinny jeans and loose fit tops because I have small hips (like a little boy) so that works a treat for me. Instead of trying to make myself look curvier I just embrace what I have! I love statement ankle boots, with studs or worn leather or suede. Whistles have great loose fit layered pieces that combine silk and cashmere, I virtually live in those at work. I’m obsessed with delicate jewellery, stacking rings and pendants, little dainty pieces always work to lift any look.

ZAKTI: We spotted that you like yoga, how did you get into it?

Rosie Underwood: My sister dragged me to Ashtanga level two when I was up to my eyeballs with work a few years ago and it changed everything for me, despite being the hardest thing I’ve ever done! I suddenly realized that after years of working so hard, carrying heavy cases to and from shoots and running for cardio in-between working hours, my body was crying out for help. I could barely touch my knees let alone my toes and my back was in constant pain, but the biggest problem was my head. I had what I call ‘popcorn brain’ where I couldn’t focus on one thing at a time, which meant I could multi task like a pro at work, but I could never settle my thoughts. Yoga has not only got my body very flexible and happy, inversions have done a great deal for my skin (they pump a fresh blood supply to your face which works better than any face cream) and I’m a lot more present in day-to-day life. Happy days!

ZAKTI: Are there any other ways you like to keep active?

Rosie Underwood: Yes I love to surf, SUP and sail! They’re all hard hobbies to maintain when you live in Zone 1 but I’m lucky work enables me to travel a lot, so whenever I get a chance I’m in the water come rain or shine!

ZAKTI: What’s your weekend style?

Rosie Underwood: Weekends usually involve adventures and road trips out of London in the country and on the sea. I love dungarees paired with some classic Stan Smiths, converse or distressed leather ankle boots. If I’m on the sea I live in my Havaianas. Khaki and grey colours tend to suit my skin tone and you’ll only see me in bold colours if I’m in the water! I’ll never go anywhere without my Alex Monroe necklaces and my crystal necklace by Mayd in India. I’m a bit of a magpie!

ZAKTI: We spotted you were doing head stands in our Zakti’s leggings, what do you like about them?

Rosie Underwood: I’m a huge fan of the Zakti range. I regularly wear the leggings for my yoga practice as they’re durable, comfortable and they’re very kind to the skin, particularly in very grueling sessions. I have a pair of shorts by Zakti that consist of two layers, one tight and one loose, which is perfect for movement. When I was in India earlier this year I would do my yoga practice in them in the morning and then go surfing in them straight afterwards, I barely took them off!

ZAKTI: As a top stylist, what do make of the athleisure trend and what are your tips for integrating it into your wardrobe?

Rosie Underwood: Working your look from the street to the studio is a genius move and I was so happy when I saw more of it translated from the catwalk to the likes of Kendall and Gigi picking up their groceries. I’d say if you’re really going to run with this trend (excuse the pun) embrace flattering darker shades as athleisure looks tend to be a lot more figure hugging that your average day look, plus if you go too bright you’ll end up looking like an 80s throw back. Make sure you mix fashion and function and never over accessorize.

ZAKTI: You’re always so busy, how do you manage to stay on top of it and stay balanced?

Shoot days can be up to fifteen hours long, especially if we’re travelling so finding a balance is very important. I have a Lumie clock, which wakes me up with a light instead of a loud noise, the light cues your body to set a healthy sleep cycle and keeps you feeling more energetic. I have oil diffusers in my house, which help me relax, and I love incorporating meditation into my Yoga practice. I used to think meditation was just for head in clouds hippies, but the benefits are endless!

ZAKTI: What are your three tips to keeping fit and healthy?

Find yourself a good work life balance and be outside and in nature as much as you possibly can be. When it comes to treats never deprive yourself, I live an 80/20 life, so 80% of the time I eat healthily and 20% of the time I eat whatever I like. Practice Yoga!

ZAKTI: What’s next for you and OK magazine?

Next I’m taking my lovely team to Malta to shoot the last of our high summer shoots, then we’re travelling to Exeter to shoot a bridal story. We’ve got a few exciting beauty launches happening around Europe this summer so we’ll be travelling around a lot and working with a few celebs!


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