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Getting Active With LornaLuxe

Fashion blogger LornaLuxe is a girl on the go, you’ll know this after one look at her aspirational Instagram posts, behind the scenes Snap Chat-ing, stylish Tumblr-ng and out and about Tweeting. So between inspiring wardrobe choices through her style posts to slipping in and out of London for meetings and writing on the move, we wanted to know more about her sartorial choices, business tips plus how she stays healthy and active.

Getting Active with LornaLuxe

Getting Active with LornaLuxe

ZAKTI: Tell us about your blog LornaLuxe?

LornaLuxe: The blog was and is an extension of my Instagram. I was never a reader of other blogs when I started my own so it’s been quite a journey getting it to a place that other people would want to visit. That said, while visually it’s changed quite a bit, the sentiment is still the same, I share my love for fashion and the clothes I wear.

ZAKTI: What’s a typical work-day like for you?

LornaLuxe:I suspect I’m not alone in the blogging community when I say no day is the same. The last month I’ve travelled to Zurich, Palm Beach Florida, Montenegro, Paris and Greece. In amongst the travelling a typical work day in London sees me leave the house at 5am, drive into London (I live an hour away) and shoot an outfit with my husband playing photographer. I always try and make use of breakfast and lunches by having meetings with PR’s or brands, then I’ll try and head home by 3pm to avoid traffic. That’s when the real work starts as I respond to emails during the commute and write/edit my blog and social through the rest of the evening. Social media takes the lion’s share of my time as this is the quickest way to reach my audience and part of the reason brands hire me as their ambassador.

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ZAKTI: What are your style-hacks to take you through all the activities in your day?

LornaLuxe: I swear by a week day uniform of monochrome basics (I include denim in that) which I partner with fun accessories dependant on my schedule or time of day. A white tee and jeans looks great day to night and works as well with a sporty trainer as it does a patent stiletto.

ZAKTI: What’s your weekend style and how do you unwind?

LornaLuxe: My weekends are my busiest as this is when people are most active on social media and when I need to be most interactive. When I do sneak away some me time, I enjoy working out and walking my dog so comfy clothes are a must.


ZAKTI: How do you like to keep active?

LornaLuxe: Currently loving the cross trainer at the gym, I feel I get a complete cardio vascular work out and can zone out listening to music at the same time.

ZAKTI: We spotted our printed leggings on your Instagram, what did you like about this look?

LornaLuxe: I chose the them for their print as I think it’s fun to play with sportswear given I live in monochrome day to day, but the fit on these are incredible. So much support and I swear my legs look a zillion times slimmer.


ZAKTI: You’re always so busy on social media from Instagram to Twitter to SnapChat to Tumblr, how do you manage to stay on top of it and stay balanced?

LornaLuxe:  Balance is something I haven’t quite found, social media is such a time consuming part of my job. I made a decision last year that I would only only follow accounts I enjoyed and engage with positive and inspiring content. It’s made a huge difference to my mood and outlook.

ZAKTI: Who do you follow on social media for fitness inspo?

LornaLuxe: I’m more a follower of lifestyle accounts where I know I get the most bang for my buck. That said I’m not much of a foodie but i do love a good beach and travel account. Favourites include @debiflu and @galagonzalez.


ZAKTI: What are your three tips to keeping fit and healthy?

LornaLuxe: Sleep, sip lots of water, spend time with the ones you love.

ZAKTI: What’s next for LornaLuxe?

LornaLuxe: Lots more travel and an exciting twist coming the end of this year, stay tuned.

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