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Getting Active with the StylePilot’s Stefan Maurel

Stefan Maurel is a stylish man about town, and he should be considering he heads up men’s online platform StylePilot, a website dedicated to giving fashion and grooming guidance to style conscious men. Earlier this month he took part in the London Triathalon and we spotted him wearing Zakti’s cycling gear in traing and the race. Here’s our chat with StylePilot CEO Stefan Maurel:

ZAKTI: How does StylePilot help to guide men in fashion and grooming?

Stefan Maurel: We’d like to think we help to inspire, inform and advise all men, no matter what their style. We have technology that provides personal style recommendations when using our shop based on a series of person style and build questions we ask you when registering – when searching for an item our website pulls personal recommendations to the top of the results so you don’t have to scroll through. We write guides on how to dress, review the latest grooming products and post lots of inspiring shots on our social media – we’d like to think we’re a good all-rounder.

Stefan Maurel Zakti

ZAKTI: How have you seen the trend move towards active wear in menswear? Is athleisure here to stay?

Stefan Maurel: We saw the sports luxe trend emerge years ago and it’s slowly transformed itself into athleisure. Every season I think ‘this will be its last’ but the trend keeps reinventing itself – people like to be comfortable and stylish, so I can understand its popularity. As a nation we’re all becoming more health conscious too, so why would you not want to look good in the gym (after all, we’re all spending more time there).


ZAKTI: We see that you have signed up to the London Triathlon in August – what inspired you to take part?

Stefan Maurel: I am 40+ and I have wanted to do it for ages – the opportunity to sign up popped up in my inbox and I know I have waited too long so just took the plunge. It’s definitely exhilarating to prepare, but what I like the most about the triathlon is the mix of activities (swimming, cycling and running). It’s actually easy to practice those activities throughout the year as my kids keep me active and love swimming.

StylePilot_Stefan_Maurel_Zakti_Menswear_Active_Clothes (1)_Web

ZAKTI: How are you training to prepare?

Stefan Maurel: The first step for me was to cut down the number of parties and events I attend (quite tough when you’re working in fashion), so I’ve found this the hardest bit. You have to start training not only for one activity, but all three, so finding the time to do so has also been a struggle. I’ve also given my diet a health kick and have found myself becoming slightly obsessed!

ZAKTI: Have you done a triathlon before? If so, do you have advice for others? If not, have you been given any advice from others?

Stefan Maurel: Nope, it’s my first one. I have been getting advice from others, and recently I have also attended a Triathlon show to collect even more advice. Magazines and fitness websites have been of great help, so there’s much I didn’t know or didn’t think to ask about! Not to forget that I have now added the Strava app to my mobile phone.

StylePilot_Stefan_Maurel_Zakti_Menswear_Active_Clothes (1)_Web

ZAKTI: What do you like to wear when you’re working out? What Zakti pieces so you like?

Stefan Maurel: I do like comfy gear – It has to fit like a second skin. The item I like the most from Zakti is the red top: it looks cool and you do feel good. I like the zip that’s unconventionally not straight, injecting a little bit of fashion into my sporting wardrobe.

ZAKTI: What is a working day like for you?

Stefan Maurel: A working day is consisting of an office based job but luckily “interrupted” with lots of external meetings and press days. And no matter how heavy the agenda can be, it’s always good to exercise.

ZAKTI: What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe?

Stefan Maurel:I have actually a couple, and again, I really like comfort and style. Recently, I have acquired a Sneaker Suit and I am loving it. Another favourite piece would be my Belstaff leather jacket because I know I am going to keep it forever. I (weirdly) like very much my black tie suit which is navy and black – even though the occasions to wear it are quite rare.

ZAKTI: What’s your weekend style?

Stefan Maurel: Pretty hectic since I have two boys. So there’s never a rest, and also never enough time to do stuff in the house or the garden. Whatever I am doing I always like to feel good in my clothes, and I always put ‘style’ first. And this also fits very well with, another great occupation of mine,

a wander around a nice National Trust property.

ZAKTI: What are your three tips to keeping fit and healthy?

Stefan Maurel: My number one tip is what you put in your stomach. So, some healthy food and lots of water (including green tea) is key.

My second one is to exercise on a regular basis, no matter what you’ve done the day before, or what your day ahead is looking like, or how you feel. You have to keep a nice routine.

My third tip would be to sleep well I guess, but I am quite bad at this one.

ZAKTI: What do you do to unwind and stay balanced?

Stefan Maurel: Doing sport and hitting the gym, on a regular basis, mixed with healthy and tasty food.

ZAKTI: What’s next for you and StylePilot?

To become a lifestyle destination including a section for cars and connected gadgets. And of course to have fun!

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