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Getting Active with Francesca The Method

Francesca The Method is a pocket rocket, lycra clad powerhouse who is a presenter and writer, so we were thrilled to see her working out in Zakti’s activewear. The creator of the famous ‘Method’, Francesca is a huge fan of dance and pilates and is a personal trainer to London’s elite. Here she shares her magic secrets to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle:



ZAKTI: Tell us about your life as a personal trainer and fitness expert?

Francesca The Method: I love my healthy lifestyle. For me, eating healthy and exercise is part of who I am, it comes very naturally, it’s effortless. I also like to walk and be active; I think I was born that way… it’s in my genes! I also love what I do and my job is a blessing, as I can share my gift and help people to achieve a healthy lifestyle. I love seeing the changes in my client’s bodies while they become stronger inside and out.

ZAKTI: What’s a typical work-day like for you?

Francesca The Method: I wake up early around 6.30am, then it goes in this order: shower, coffee, exercise at home. Around 8am is my breakfast time. Then I start working with clients at 9am until I get my lunch break around 1.30pm. I always go home for lunch (I am very lucky)! Then back with clients from 3pm to 7.30/8pm. Then home for a shower and dinner time (sometimes at home and sometimes out with friends). I like dining in good restaurants at least two or three times a week. Usually I go to bed around 10/10.30am if I’m home, later if I am out.

ZAKTI: What are your style-hacks to take you through all the activities in your day?

Francesca The Method: Leggings, cashmere jumpers and wedge trainers… in winter I love leg warmers!


ZAKTI: What’s your weekend style?

Francesca The Method: I only have Sunday off work, so I love my Sundays and I make an effort not to make any bookings and play it spontaneously. I wake up, take my time, study a bit (I’m studying Russian), go shopping, see friends, maybe a reflexology massage, early dinner and early night in. Very chilled.

ZAKTI: How do you like to keep active?

Francesca The Method: I walk everywhere and always take the stairs – (so good for the butt!)


ZAKTI: What do are your favourite pieces from the Zakti range?

Francesca The Method: OMG this is hard, you have such a vast range that goes from summer to winter, to gym and dance. But I have to go with the see-through top and Reveal Leggings… so sexy!

ZAKTI: What are your three tips to keeping fit and healthy?

Francesca The Method: Eat healthy, move lots and keeping smiling! This is the best medicine in life!

ZAKTI: What is your favourite healthy meal?

Francesca The Method: All my meals are healthy, and I’m very seasonal so at the moment my favourite meal is turkey with purple potatoes and chestnuts. However, brown rice or buckwheat pasta with egg whites, olive oil and crystal salt is also great too and perfect in any season!!!


ZAKTI: Tell us about your famous ‘Method’?

Francesca The Method: To achieve your perfect body, it is important to combine good nutrition, a tailored exercise programme, spice it all up with beauty tips and the right attitude. My method provides you with a complete guide on how you can create a long, lean physique and a healthy lifestyle, unique for you and your own needs. I discovered that it is very difficult for busy women to fit exercise into their schedules, which is why I created a method for them. My method targets women’s trouble areas like glutes, legs, abs and arms. Through the use of precise movements with specific equipment, my exercises will chisel muscles to perfection! The best part is that each workout only takes 30-45 minutes. It is the ultimate workout; precise, efficient and time-saving!

ZAKTI: What inspired you to write a book?
Francesca The Method: I wanted to share my passion for food and exercise with everyone! Another font of inspiration is my amazing clientele. Now with my books and fitness videos/dvds, they can take me with them wherever they go and have no more excuses not to keep up with their healthy lifestyle!

ZAKTI: What’s next for you?

Francesca The Method: I have just created a healthy menu for Neville Salon in Belgravia where I have specifically designed this menu to rid the body of toxins, hydrate and flood it with essential vitamins and minerals to boost energy. All the recipes serve an aesthetic purpose and promote different healthy benefit such as hair growth, glowing skin and fat burning properties. Plus it’s so yummy and tasty, a must try!!! I also have a few new projects on the way…. keep tuned into my social media feed to discover what’s next!

Take a look at Francesca The Method’s website and follow her on YouTube, Twitter & Instagram.

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