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Zakti’s Active Interview with Belle & Bunty

Hannah and Alice aka Belle & Bunty are always on the go; whether it is designing beautiful gowns at their London wedding dress boutique or searching for the perfect pink door for their beautiful Instagram gallery, there’s no stopping them. They’ve designed dresses for celebrities including Myleene Klass and Amanda Holden but that’s just their day job. Outside of their successful business, Belle & Bunty is also a fashion and lifestyle blog which is fun, flirty and powered by frothy cappuccinos, cocktails and friendship. It’s their knack for styling the perfect outfit and delivering playful captions that have made them social media stars. We spotted their New Year New You Blog post featuring Zakti’s active gear – click here to read – so we wanted to delve into their life and find out more. Here’s our interview with Hannah & Alice of Belle & Bunty with pictures throughout by Victoria Metaxas:

belle-bunty-london-sportswear-workout-shoot-zakti-athleisure20161220_20 Alice wears Zakti Active Pronto Poncho Jacket and Hannah wears Zakti Active Shake It Up Hoodie. Both wear Zakti Active Leggings

ZAKTI: You’re wedding dress designers, is that a dream job to be a key part of such a special day?
Belle & Bunty: It’s such a lovely process to be part of as it is a special day in every girls life! We take great pride and joy in every dress we make, each one being lovingly handmade to order in our London workshops. We have our collection of fluid, relaxed dresses but as each style is made especially for each bride they have the flexibility to really make it their own in terms of particular fabric or shades of colour. Creating a one off dress that fulfils each brides dreams is magical.


ZAKTI: Tell us about your blog Belle & Bunty?
Belle & Bunty: Our blog is an extension of us as fashion designers (who like to shop!) rather than about our brand, and we like to style bright, colourful and inspiring outfits and impart some of our knowledge as trained fashion designers. Having worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years we picked up a few nuggets of knowledge on the way about flattering cuts, fabrics and styles that work.

ZAKTI: What’s a typical work-day like for you?
Belle & Bunty: It’s very varied! Running a business, a blog and both having children makes for a pretty busy day! We usually start in our boutique and studio to go over information regarding our brides and orders. A visit to our workshops usually entails making sure everything is on track, we are very hands on with our production. We then might be having meetings with brands and PRs to discuss upcoming projects for our blog. Last year we were really lucky to work so many fab brands on collaborations where we select and style pieces from their collections in our own way. If it’s a day shooting then we hunt down pretty London locations and shoot a few different outfits in one shoot usually.


ZAKTI: What are your style-hacks to take you through all the activities in your day?
Belle & Bunty: Every girl needs a good pair of flat boots that are practical yet stylish. We both have a few from Dune London, Topshop and Chloé. When you are running around town you don’t have to compromise on style but heels are a no-no! We are both advocates of painted nails and a splash of lipstick, both of which make you feel and look put together {even when you might not feel it!} A great bag also works wonders, pick something big enough to carry everything you need but is equally pleasing on the eye. Our current favourites are our Gucci bucket bag and embellished Chloé Faye.


ZAKTI: What’s your weekend style?
Belle & Bunty: Off duty style normally consists of denim jeans, a Cashmere sweater or silk shirt and ankle boots. We often use the #twinniniswinning hashtag as we really do have similar styles and even at the weekend we both adopt a similar uniform where comfort is key.


ZAKTI: How do you like to keep active?
Alice: I have been taking static Trapeze classes of the past few years. I love it, its fun but physically demanding too!
Hannah: I have been a runner for years and more recently love a good HIIT session on the treadmill to get the blood pumping and also love lifting weights, it’s definitely the best way to tone up!


ZAKTI: We spotted you wearing Zakti, what did you like about the gear?
Belle & Bunty: Its such good quality, we love the thickness of the fabric too which is a must when it comes to work out leggings. The designs are fashionable but also practical. When it comes to activewear we don’t want to compromise and still want a nod at trends be it with colour or prints, so we love it!


ZAKTI: You’re always so busy on social media from Instagram to Twitter to SnapChat, how do you manage to stay on top of it and stay balanced?
Belle & Bunty: We love social media: Instagram in particular for us has really changed our business and we love producing pretty and colourful content. The constant rapid pace can be quite daunting but we’ve learnt that its ok if we are not posting every single aspect of our daily lives {no on wants to see that anyway we are sure!} SO it’s all a curated snapshot of what we get up to, where we go and outfits we wear!


ZAKTI: What are your three tips to keeping fit and healthy?
Belle & Bunty: 1.Balance – This is key. You really have to have a bit of everything as trying to cut out anything long term is just impossible for us both. If you want some chocolate then have it, just makes sure you keep active as and when you can.
2.Sleep – As mothers this is sometimes elusive but there is literally nothing like a good solid nights sleep!
3.Find something you really enjoy to keep active. Whether its yoga, a class, trapeze or something you really enjoy and you’ll want to keep doing it!



ZAKTI: What’s next for Belle & Bunty?
Belle & Bunty: We launched a brand new Bridal Collection at the end of last year which is influenced by the late 70s and Studio 54 and we’ll be working on a collection for this year. 2016 was really busy for us and our blog so hopefully 2017 will only get busier so watch this space for more exciting projects and collabs!

Visit Belle & Bunty’s website. Follow Belle & Bunty on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook. With thanks to Victoria Metaxas.

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