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Where To Start? Introduction To Marathon Training with Amy Hughes

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Every year thousands of runners undertake a mammoth task to complete the London Marathon and here at Zakti Active we will be cheering them along as the weeks fly by!

In preparation for the run we’ve teamed up with the inspirational Amy Hughes to share her training tips. We’ll be posting for the next 13 weeks leading up to London Marathon on the 23rd of April 2017. The series will serve as a guide to all runners who are just embarking on their training journey and cover essential and diverse topics ranging from equipment, strength training, tampering and mental preparation.

Amy Hughes is an endurance athlete, fitness expert, motivational speaker and a Dame Kelly Holmes Trust athlete who is primarily known for breaking world record of running 53 marathons in 53 consecutive days. Amy’s aim was to inspire and motivate people to get more active, no matter shape and age, and raise funds for Isabelle Lottie Foundation.  After completing the challenge, Amy and her partner set up The 53 Foundation charity with the purpose of creating opportunities for people with disabilities to become more active. So we’ll hand over to Amy….

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“No matter if it’s your very first marathon or your 100th marathon, preparation can be equally as daunting, right? Everyone has a different reason for running, whether it is to beat your first personal challenge and just get round in one piece, to smash a Personal Best or to complete it with a friend and enjoy the atmosphere.

My first bit of advice to you would be…. Don’t be scared! Be proud of even attempting this massive feat. As long as you find a training programme that works for you, enjoy your training (for the most part), stay focused with a positive mindset and use the kit, supplements, and foods that work for you, you will be just fine. After all, you will never forget this experience and it will surely make you stronger physically and mentally!

A lot of people initially start running to get fit and you may even find yourself in a similar situation to me when I first started running. Embarrassed? Unsure of where to start? How to improve? I was all of the above, so I began running at 6 am every morning in the hope that nobody would see me! Back then there were not as many running support groups on and offline but now there are so many that encourage and celebrate everyone’s successes no matter how big or small! Take advantage of communities such as Ukrunchat, virtual runner and blog posts like the ones I will be sharing here weekly with Zakti to help you stay on track, give you guidance and re-charge your energy levels.

Have fun guys! I look forward to being part of your journey.

Amy x”

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