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The Low Down | Mr Plant Geek

Mr Plant Geek, Q&A, intrview, male model, menswear, fitness, hoody

Michael Perry IS Mr Plant Geek, quite literally. His love of plants and in-depth knowledge has translated over into a website which not only details everything from gardening advice to special plants but also takes you on a journey around the world to see all his adventures, and the perfect focus for a Zakti Q&A. If you’re getting the impression this is a stuffy gardening blog, think again because one look at his friendly and engaging Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages will show he likes his gardening with a spade full of humour! If he isn’t taking his clothes off for charity (World Naked Gardening Day), you might find him thinking up new slogans for his tongue in cheek fashion range ‘Rude Botany.’

Michael has grown to be one of the top 20 most influential horticulturists (and the The Sunday Times should know what they’re talking about!) which isn’t surprising considering appearances on This Morning and The One Show,  so when Mr Plant Geek jet off to New York with a suitcase of Zakti gear we knew we had to quiz him on how he wears his mens activewear.

ZAKTI: How did you get into being a self confessed Plant Geek?

I have always been crazy about plants- since like 5 years old. Plants fascinated me, there are so many different types, and they are pretty darn crucial to our existence too!

ZAKTI: Tell us about your website, what can we expect?

I like to think it’s a bit like the Buzzfeed on the gardening world- with articles that will grab your attention, whether you’re a gardening recruit or not!

ZAKTI: Have you seen more people trying to get into gardening?

Absolutely, and I love it!! This is the moment. Indoor Plants are particularly enjoying a boom- with people cherishing their own succulents. This small start often emans they go on to people’s plant geeks too, with rooms full of foliage!!

ZAKTI: What are your top tips for a beginner?

Just have a go! Don’t be put off by the mass of information and techniques. The most important thing is to learn by experience- you won’t always get it right, just like baking…!

ZAKTI: You’re frequently on TV, what’s your favourite show to be part of?

I enjoy everything I do, especially the ‘gardening hacks’ I am often show on This Morning, because they’re things everyone can relate to. I love store cupboard remedies!

ZAKTI: Tell us about your naked gardening for charity?

Haha! I have raised over £25,000 by pulling together a group of lads who just happened to take their clothes off for charity!! The Grubby Gardeners have even featured in their own calendar, and completed some crazy challenges, or and appeared on TV!

Mr Plant Geek, Q&A, intrview, male model, menswear, fitness, new york

ZAKTI: What do you like to wear when you’re gardening?

It’s all about comfort, and gardening is quite active, so any fitness kit easily doubles up!

ZAKTI: We spotted you in Zakti pieces, what did you like about them?

The Zakti pieces are practical, yet a little bit alternative, and look good. I like well-chosen clothing pieces, I am not into labels at all, I just like what I like. I was amazed that I could have clothes that look good, but also serve a purpose, and that’s Zakti!

ZAKTI: What’s your weekend style?

Same as the week! I do respond to formal clothing needs, but always like to add my own individuality to it! Check out my Instagram to see!

ZAKTI: What are your three tips to keeping fit and healthy?

Be aware of what you’re eating and how it’ll make you feel, and be as active as possible. It’s doubly hard for me, as I travel so much. Don’t get me wrong, every so often I fall off the wagon, too…

ZAKTI: What do you do to unwind and stay balanced?

I like to explore and travel, it keeps my mind active, and my body. I am not sure I ever totally relax, as there’s always so much to learn and enjoy!

ZAKTI: You’re super active on social media – who are your favourite people to follow?

That’s a hard question! I love all the plant geeks on Instagram, for sure! I also like the way twitter can help you to discover new and exciting things every day too!

ZAKTI: What’s next for Mr Plant Geek?

Always exciting things! I am in New York most of the summer, albeit locked up in an apartment trying to focus on some of my projects- one of which is writing a book…!

Mr Plant Geek, Q&A, intrview, male model, menswear, fitness

Images by Rafal Czaniecki

We hope you enjoyed our Q&A session with Mr Plant Geek, who would you like to hear from in future interviews?

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